Winerytale is a product of Australian tech company, Third Aurora. We are seeking investors that would like to have an impact on the wine industry.

Investment Opportunities

Winerytale is a tech startup aimed at the global wine industry.

The Winerytale app is a first-of-its-kind platform, which offers a proven ROI solution for wineries to harness augmented reality affordably and easily.

With a clear first-to-market advantage, innovative technology tested in the field, and excellent traction from interested wineries / industry players, Winerytale has established the early incumbent position in the global market.

The timeframe for equity funding will be brought forward from September 2019 to a new date in July 2019 (date to be determined).

About Third Aurora

Winerytale is a tech startup, and a subsidiary of Australian company Third Aurora Pty Ltd.

A few things matter to us. Technology is one, sure. The second is creating outcomes with purpose and meaning. Don’t get us wrong, we love bells and whistles as much as anyone. But we think technology should be the tool for the everyman, which means creating solutions that are useful, affordable, and accessible.

Most of our work is innovation – understanding new technology, and its applications for real-world scenarios. We’ve learnt that big challenges can’t be solved alone. – there’s always missing skills and knowledge gaps. Which is why collaboration has become a big part of how we work.

We are currently seeking Series A funding.

Funding Type

Series A


Growth, business rollout

Raise Value

TBD. Expected to be $7.5million – $9million


TBD. Expected to be early July 2019

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Expressions of interest welcome from:
  • sophisticated investors
  • venture capital firms
  • industry associations
  • established industry companies
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